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magic mushroom chocolate

magic mushroom chocolate

The most simple and straight forward method of creating a magic mushroom infused chocolate is as follows  magic mushroom chocolate . YOU WILL NEED: Thoroughly dried magic mushrooms Bars of store bought chocolate (whatever you fancy) A large saucepan A glass bowl A sharp knife magic mushroom chocolate moulds (if you don’t have moulds you […]

psychedelic mushroom growing kit usa

psychedelic mushroom growing kit usa. magic mushroom strain

Indoor Mushroom Growing Kit There are many kinds of mushroom growing kits available on the market today. They come with growing medium, and are already inoculated with spores  psychedelic mushroom growing kit usa . The mycelium-covered block is typically in a mushroom growing bag that can sit for some time, especially if kept cool in […]

Magic mushroom kit

magic mushroom kit

MAGIC MUSHROOM GROW GUIDE FOR OUR CUBENSIS GROW KITS When you order our Cubensis Grow Kit ( magic mushroom kit  ), you will receive the following items: 1 x Mushroom Grow kit 1 x Paperclip 1 x Growbag A few important things before you start. Always work as clean and tidy as possible as the […]